Musa and Dingil Huseyin are friends and have lived in the UK for many years.

On a cold snowy winter day, Musa's parents arrive to persuade him to take him back to his home country. However Musa does not want to go as he does not want to do military service which is compulsory.

After Dingil Huseyin's asylum application was rejected, he stayed on as an illegal immigrant. Once he was deported to France, but found his way back to the UK. On his friend's advice he attempts a fake marriage but is cheated and has loses the little money he has.

Musa and Huseyin decide to go to Canada for a fresh start. Musa, Huseyin and their friend, Haco - a complusive story teller - meet in an old building in London suburb on a hot summer day. Mehmet, who arranged fake passports for them, rehearses them in answering the basic questions they will be asked at control points.

Early in the morning, Musa, Huseyin and Haco leave the UK for their journey towards a new future.